This scholarship award is based on a point system from bowling activities and academia and will be awarded to outstanding youths directly related to SCNBA members. Scholarships will be submitted to the USBC SMART Program (Scholarship Management and Accounting Reports for Tenpins) to help with their continued educational goals. Thank you for spreading the word about this great opportunity and we look forward to the future scholarship winners.


 2017 Youth Scholarship Award Winner

Congratulations Kylie Shishima from Brea for earning a $100 scholarship. She is currently attending Orange Coast College and is an English major with future goals of becoming a children’s literature author.  She currently bowls Juniors at Keystone Lanes and has accomplished a lot in  youth tournaments.  She has 5 JAT Farm Club titles and was the first to bowl a 300 game in a JBT Women’s series title match.

$100 Scholarship
Relative of Eric Shishima (AMF Carter Lanes)

 2013 Youth Scholarship Award Winner

Danielle_Scholarship Award
$1,000 Scholarship
Relative of Jerry & Deb Armstrong (Mission Hills Bowl)

Hi, I’m Danielle Armstrong and I’m a Junior at the Valley Academy of the Arts & Sciences. I have been working with the SFV Nisei since I was 9 years old helping the tournament committee as a lane monitor and office help. I also work some of the Southern California NBA tournaments as a lane monitor as well. My family bowls and I also enjoy it very much too.

I’m an active member of the Associated Student Body of my High School and plan to be President next year. I spend all of my free time performing and I have been in every musical performance at my school since its opening. After High School, I’m looking forward to my college education and I am keeping my options open in regards to which school I will be attending. I would like to thank you all for the generous scholarship provided and please know that the funds will be used wisely to further my education.

 2009 Youth Scholarship Award Winners

preston leslie_kamoto nicole_kato
$175 Award
Yorba Linda Bowl
Relative of Brian & Tina Fukumizu
$175 Award
BRC Moreno Vly Bowl
Relative of Gina Kamoto
$50 Award
Pinz Bowling Center
Relative of Nancy Kato

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