Open to all SCNBA Bowlers.
All participants must have current SCNBA membership.

$500 Added Bonus with 125+ entries!


201 S. Brookhurst St.
Anaheim, CA 92804
(714) 774-2253

Sunday, August 5, 2018
11:00 am


Entry Fee: $30 per person
4 games moving pairs once after game 2
Limited to the first 90 entries

Download Entry form
Deadline: July 25

Nikkei Bowlers falling under Eligibility Rule “A” may purchase new 2018-19 season membership on this form for $5.
Check or cash on-site only.
We will submit paid names to your league secretary so that they know your membership has been paid already for the new season. 

Handicap: 90% of 220
Payout based on 1:8 entries
USBC Certified

Separate Open & Senior Side Pots
Senior Pots will be split into two divisions:
Aged 50-59 & Aged 60+

FREE On-site Ball Raffle for each squad!
One ticket per bowler


Year Location Champions
2017 Linbrook Kevin Valmonte (Men)
Karen Wade (Women)
Gary Munesato (Sr Men)
Po Chen (Sr Women)
2016 Linbrook Wes Lock (Men)
Tamara Imoto (Women)
Glenn Matsuda (Sr Men)
Teri Erickson (Sr Women)
2015 Linbrook Scott Critchfield (Men)
Sue Okamoto (Women)
John Nishida (Sr Men)
Lorrie Nadal (Sr Women)
2014 Linbrook Miles Yokota (Men)
Kristi Arakaki (Women)
Bob Matsuda (Sr Men)
Sandra Bovey (Sr Women)
2013 Linbrook Clint Frazer (Men)
Susan Yonamine (Women)
Glenn Matsuda (Sr Men)
Po Chen (Sr Women)
2012 Linbrook Wayne Hokama (Men)
Sue Okamoto (Women)
Glenn Matsuda (Sr Men)
Rachel Sanders (Sr Women)
2011 Linbrook Randy Tomita (Men)
Jeri Ando (Women)
Glenn Matsuda (Sr Men)
Chris Hoshizaki (Sr Women)
2010 Linbrook Yoshi Sakashita (Men)
Leticia Rivera (Women)
Richard Iseri (Sr Men)
Sharon Matsuda (Sr Women)
2009 Linbrook David Tomita (Men)
Cecily Fong (Women)
Ron Levy (Sr Men)
Sandra Bovey (Sr Women)
2008 AMF Cerritos Tony Quon (Men)
Debbie Armstrong (Women)
Kay Johnson (Sr Women)
Shig Hirano (Sr Men)
2007 AMF Cerritos David Hayashida (Men)
Po Chen (Women)
Hoagy Wong (Sr Men)
Kay Johnson (Sr Women)
2006 AMF Cerritos Charlie Ivey (Men)
Po Chen (Women)
Wally Nomura (Sr Men)
Lily Ikegami (Sr Women)

Lets Go Bowling!