All eligible Nikkei leagues have voice and vote at all SCNBA meetings. We strongly urge all leagues to appoint a representative if the league President or Secretary is unavailable to attend. Nikkei leagues are the direct representation of this organization’s membership and so it is extremely important to be present for all meetings.

Action Lanes SGV Nikkei Mixed Fri 9pm Alice Shiozawa
Action Lanes
SGV Nikkei Seniors Thu 11:30am Sam Wong
AMF Beverly Lanes PPBC Nikkei Trios Mon 8pm Stacee Kosaka
Monterey Park Nisei Tue 8:15pm
AMF Carter Lanes Sansei Trios Thu 9pm Everett Nishikawa
Fountain Bowl FV Nikkei Trios Thu 9pm
Gable House Nisei Mixed Hdcp Fri 9:30pm Teri Ericksen
Gardena Bowl Japan Trade Tue 7pm Allan Goya
Nikkei Mixed 5 Wed 7pm Sandra Bovey
Wed. Nisei Trios Wed 6pm Linda Larson
Premiere @ Gardena Wed 9pm Wendy Hayashi
Friday Islanders Fri 9pm Jodi Yanabu
Harley’s Valley Bowl SFV Nisei Fri 9pm Jerry Armstrong
Linbrook Bowl Anaheim Nisei Mixed Mon 9pm Joyce Crocker
Tozai Nikkei Fri 9pm Lynne Tomita
Palos Verdes Bowl Harbor City Nisei Fri 9pm Robin Morishita
Westminster Lanes Niko Niko Trios Tue 9:30am Nancy Yamauchi
Winnetka Bowl SFVCC Nikkei Fri 8pm Stan Date


18 Total Leagues

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