1201 W Beverly Blvd
Montebello, CA 90640

Sunday, February 18, 2024

Results posted online

$105 Team Entry Fee
Handicap: 90% of 220
3 games on the same pair of lanes
USBC Certified
Payout based on 1:8 entries
Handicap: 90% of 220
Team Max: 620
Teams must be mixed – male/female any combination

FREE On-site Ball Raffle

ONLY A DRY TOWEL FOR CLEANING MAY BE USED DURING COMPETITION. ELIMINATION OF BALANCE HOLES: Bowlers may have up to five holes for gripping purposes and all holes must be used on every delivery. If only fingers are used, the thumb hole must be plugged and an “X” marked for the palm position. Any bowling ball that does not meet USBC specifications will subject the bowler to disqualification of all tournament scores. We reserve the option to do random spot checks and we may be reported to check equipment by another bowler. Visit BOWL.com to download the Non-conforming Bowling Ball List.

Let’s Go Bowling!