Who is the best of the best this year?

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1201 W Beverly Blvd
Montebello, CA 90640
(323) 728-9161

Sunday, July 28, 2024

Deadline to enter: July 13, 2024

Nikkei League Champions from 2023-24 Season
are eligible to enter!

Prize money awarded to First place Champions.
(Second place awarded prize money if 10+ teams are entered)

$160 Entry Fee/Team
Handicap: 90% of 220
4-person teams
3 games total on the same pair of lanes
(SCNBA Membership waived for this event only)

Entry fees can be paid via check payable to: SCNBA or
Zelle payment to: [email protected].

13 possible Nikkei SCNBA Champion teams are eligible to enter in this end of season championship event — winner take all! It will be a 4-person event, so leagues that are trios or five member teams will have to adjust slightly, i.e., using members from their 2nd place teams.  We hope to see all leagues participate as it will be a fun competition to see who is really the best of the best in the Nikkei World!

The Champion team will determine where the location will be for following year (when possible) and will also receive custom embroidered SCNBA shirts.

ONLY A DRY TOWEL FOR CLEANING MAY BE USED DURING COMPETITION. ELIMINATION OF BALANCE HOLES: Bowlers may have up to five holes for gripping purposes and all must be used on every delivery. If only fingers are used, the thumb hole must be plugged and an “X” marked for the palm position. Any bowling ball that does not meet USBC specifications will subject the bowler to disqualification of all tournament scores. We reserve the option to do random spot checks and we may be reported to check equipment by another bowler. Visit to download the Non-conforming Bowling Ball List.


Action Lanes SGV Nikkei Mixed Family League Fri 9pm 2012, 2023
Nikkei Seniors Tue 11:30am
Bowlero Montebello Monterey Park Nisei 2014, 2015
PPBC Nikkei Trios Mon 8pm 2013, 2016
Bowlero West Covina Covina Nisei 2011
Gardena Bowl Sunday Sansei** 2010
Harbor City Nisei Thu 9pm 2022
Japan Trade  Tue 7pm
Wed Nikkei Mixed Trios Wed 6pm
Nikkei Mixed Wed 7pm
Premiere@Grd Wed 9pm
Friday Islanders Fri 9pm
Harley’s Simi Bowl SFV Nisei Fri 9pm 2009*, 2019***
La Habra 300 Storm Sansei Trios Thu 9pm
Linbrook Bowl Anaheim Nisei Mixed Wed 9pm
Storm Tozai Nikkei Fri 9pm 2017, 2018
Winnetka Bowl  SFV Nikkei  Fri 9pm

*League used to be held at Mission Hills Bowl (closed May 2015)
**No longer eligible as a recognized “Nikkei” league
***Harley’s Valley Bowl


Year Location Champion
2024 Bowlero Montebello
2023 Cal Bowl Action Lanes – Miles Tatsumi, Linda Ukita, Shelli Miyashita, Stan Takemoto
2022 Harley’s Valley Bowl Gardena Bowl – Cyndi Castile, Tommy Yonemine, Dan Matis, Jim Shimizu
2019 Linbrook Bowl Harley’s Valley Bowl – Stan Holloway, Margie Holloway, Marvin Haywood, Jose Gutierrez
2018 Linbrook Bowl Linbrook Bowl – Hoagy Wong, Judy Endow, Brian Hara, Kim Lee
2017 AMF Beverly Linbrook Bowl – Dale Kakimoto, Leslie Katsura, Robert Pitti, Glenn Wada
2016 AMF Beverly AMF Beverly Bowl – Jordan Gonzales, Justin Dabuet, Stacee Kosaka, Daniel Ohara
 2015 AMF Beverly AMF Beverly Bowl – Glen Nakahara, York Lock, Art Nakahara, Scott Leach
2014 AMF Beverly AMF Beverly Bowl – Glen Nakahara, York Lock, Art Nakahara, Scott Leach
2013 Action AMF Beverly Lanes – Eric Sera, Miles Yokota, Brett Yokota, Jason Carillo
2012 BRC Covina Action Lanes – Sue Okamoto, Ryan Manganas, Kurt Valmonte, Kevin Yamauchi
2011 Gardena Covina Bowl – Mike Shimabukuro, Ryoko Shimabukuro, Eric Shimabukuro, Hernan Yamakawa
2010 Mission Hills Gardena Bowl – Kehau Fujikami, Kerwin Fujikami, Jeremy Balmoja, Rudy Castrellon
2009 Pickwick Mission Hills Bowl – Eric Hsu, Amanda Grooms, Rich Honda, Nancy Kato

Let’s Go Bowling!