Open to all SCNBA Bowlers.
All participants must have current SCNBA membership.


Handicap: 90% of 220
Payout to the final top 4 teams
USBC Certified
No Team Max.
Maximum of 32 teams allowed
FREE On-site Ball Raffle

  • Four person mixed teams (at least one member must be of the opposite sex)
  • All teams bowl TWO games of qualifying
  • The final top 8 teams will compete in a single elimination team roll-off format (Total pins + handicap)


Year Location Champion
2020 Action Lanes Cancelled due to COVID-19
2019 Action Lanes EVENT CANCELLED
2018 Action Lanes Tom Yoshida, Lily Ikegami
Kevin Yoshida, Michael Yoshida
2017 Action Lanes Pat Jilek, Leeanne Jilek,
Jose Gutierrez, Clint Frazer
2016 Action Lanes Paul Kaneta, Diana Yu,
Daniel Khy, Allen Lau
2015 Winnetka Bowl Dave Yamauchi, Kurt Arakaki,
Dwayne Kumura, Leanna Harada
2014 Covina Bowl Allan Goya, Arliss Kaku,
Roy Okamoto, Roger Kosaka
2013 Mission Hills Brian Quon, Lindsey Quon,
David Koshi, Jay Culver
2012 Fountain Jared Lawrence, Ryan Okamoto,
Jaime Rovner, Ken Ito
2011 Canoga Park Kraig Orosco, Alyson Orosco,
Kris Orosco, James Kushner
2010 AMF El Dorado Kraig Orosco, Alyson Orosco,
Kris Orosco, James Kushner
2009 Action Kraig Orosco, Alyson Orosco,
Kris Orosco, James Kushner
2008*  Linbrook Jerry Gonzales, Steve Collins,
Maggie Gonzales, Bruce VanAalst
2007* Canoga Park Todd Niitsuma, Julia Takeuchi,
Vickie Niitsuma, David Hayashida
2006*  AMF Beverly Walt Murakami, Steve Murakami,
Lynne Tomita, Jayson Fisher

*Invitational Roll-Off – SCNBA Donated 100% Prize Fund of $1400 per year.

Let’s Go Bowling!