The purpose of the Southern California Nikkei Bowling Association is to increase the general interest in the game of bowling within the heritage of the Japanese culture and community allowing its members to foster and encourage the spirit of good fellowship, keen competition, sportsmanship, and fair dealings in all its bowling activities.

The SCNBA provides the following services for membership:

  • Average verification (last two years)
  • On-site tournament membership processing and tournament assistance
  • Bonus Tournament awards for the highest scratch game bowled by a male, female, senior male and senior female (NBA sanctioned tournaments only; one award per person; not available at all events.)
  • Offer 8 tournaments a year for the membership to participate in


The SCNBA is proud of our past board members, who have paved the path that we are on today.  We will hopefully have a Hall of Fame function soon so that we can THANK these past officers for their service and contributions.  It is their hard work and dedication that has allowed this organization to continue in their footsteps…

D. Aoki
Joe Babineau
Yoneo Deguchi
Jean Enomoto
Easy Fujimoto
Ruby Fujizawa
H. Fukumoto
Jack Funo
Allan Goya
Yuk Hino
Akira Hirai
Dane Ishii

Bob Joice
Nob Kagawa
Ty Kajimoto
Dale Kakimoto
Kris Kakita
Marty Kawaguchi
Jeanne Kuwahara
Kaz Kuwahara
Joe Masaoka
Yas Minamide
Larry Misawa
Cori Murakami

Mike Murakami
Jennifer Nakamatsu
Linda Okamoto
Gail Oto
Terry Patterson
Alice Shiozawa-Williams
Donna Taylor
Bob Uyemori
Glenn Wada
Tok Yamada
Eric Yokoyama

Let’s Go Bowling!