Open to all bowlers with current SCNBA & USBC membership.

Sunday, August 11, 2024
10:00 am

Winnetka Bowl

20122 Vanowen St
Los Angeles, CA 91306
(818) 340-5190

Deadline to enter: July 28, 2024

Entry Fee: $40 per person
4 games moving pairs once after game 2
Limited to the first 96 entries
Separate men and women’s divisions

Handicap: 90% of 220
Payout based on 1:8 entries
USBC Certified

Entry fees can be paid via check payable to: SCNBA or
Zelle payment to: [email protected].

FREE On-site Ball Raffle

ONLY A DRY TOWEL FOR CLEANING MAY BE USED DURING COMPETITION. ELIMINATION OF BALANCE HOLES: Bowlers may have up to five holes for gripping purposes and all must be used on every delivery. If only fingers are used, the thumb hole must be plugged and an “X” marked for the palm position. Any bowling ball that does not meet USBC specifications will subject the bowler to disqualification of all tournament scores. We reserve the option to do random spot checks and we may be reported to check equipment by another bowler. Visit to download the Non-conforming Bowling Ball List.


2023 Winnetka Tyler Minami (Men)
Jamie Rovner (Women)
2022 Winnetka Daniel Holland (Men)
Barbara Hirota (Women)
2021 Cancelled due to COVID-19
2020 Action Lanes Cancelled due to COVID-19
2019 Linbrook Warren Morita (Men)
Miyuki Oyakawa (Women)
2018 Linbrook Warren Morita (Men)
Flora Nishimoto (Women)
2017 Linbrook Kevin Valmonte (Men)
Karen Wade (Women)
Gary Munesato (Sr Men)
Po Chen (Sr Women)
2016 Linbrook Wes Lock (Men)
Tamara Imoto (Women)
Glenn Matsuda (Sr Men)
Teri Erickson (Sr Women)
2015 Linbrook Scott Critchfield (Men)
Sue Okamoto (Women)
John Nishida (Sr Men)
Lorrie Nadal (Sr Women)
2014 Linbrook Miles Yokota (Men)
Kristi Arakaki (Women)
Bob Matsuda (Sr Men)
Sandra Bovey (Sr Women)
2013 Linbrook Clint Frazer (Men)
Susan Yonamine (Women)
Glenn Matsuda (Sr Men)
Po Chen (Sr Women)
2012 Linbrook Wayne Hokama (Men)
Sue Okamoto (Women)
Glenn Matsuda (Sr Men)
Rachel Sanders (Sr Women)
2011 Linbrook Randy Tomita (Men)
Jeri Ando (Women)
Glenn Matsuda (Sr Men)
Chris Hoshizaki (Sr Women)
2010 Linbrook Yoshi Sakashita (Men)
Leticia Rivera (Women)
Richard Iseri (Sr Men)
Sharon Matsuda (Sr Women)
2009 Linbrook David Tomita (Men)
Cecily Fong (Women)
Ron Levy (Sr Men)
Sandra Bovey (Sr Women)
2008 AMF Cerritos Tony Quon (Men)
Debbie Armstrong (Women)
Kay Johnson (Sr Women)
Shig Hirano (Sr Men)
2007 AMF Cerritos David Hayashida (Men)
Po Chen (Women)
Hoagy Wong (Sr Men)
Kay Johnson (Sr Women)
2006 AMF Cerritos Charlie Ivey (Men)
Po Chen (Women)
Wally Nomura (Sr Men)
Lily Ikegami (Sr Women)

Let’s Go Bowling!