100K for 100K — Nisei Support Needed for Postage Stamp

We seek a U.S. commemorative postage stamp that would tell the inspiring story of these American World War II soldiers. Begun by two widows of these veterans and their friend in 2005, this continues to be a volunteer-led, grassroots effort by family and friends of the veterans.

Help today by signing the White House petition. It’s easy. Enter your name, email, and zip (optional). That’s it. The President can make the stamp happen. Tell him today.

100,000 for 100,000.  100,000 signers needed.  120,000 incarcerated in the internment camps (read story below).  We need 100,000 signers by March 18th to get this petition onto the President’s desk.

In honor of the 120,000 who were in the camps, we ask that at least 100,000 supporters of this cause to step forward to sign this petition. We especially ask anyone who has family or friends who served during World War II, and family or friends of those who were in the internment camps. Thank you, and please tell others to sign, too! Maybe people at your church or other organization would like to get involved.

The White House petition only requires name and email, with optional zip code. It’s super easy.International signers can participate.  For information in Japanese, click here (Nihon-go).

We can do this!


 For more ways to help, click here. Thank you!