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July 31, 2016

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PPBC Nikkei Trios

2016 ToC Champs 2
1st Place: AMF Beverly Bowl

PPBC Nikkei Trios
Wook Chuckers

Jordan Gonzales, Justin Dabuet
Stacee Kosaka, Daniel Ohara

2016 ToC 2nd
2nd Place: Harley’s Valley Bowl
SFV Nisei
SFV’s All Over the Place

Danny Hirota, Pat Jilek
Rick Landers, Ronnavit Varin
2016 ToC 3rd
3rd Place: Gable House Bowl
Nisei Mixed Handicap
2 Jeffs and A Jess
Jeff Potts, Jeffrey Nakagawa
Jessica Taylor, Matt Hilton

Richard Lock (Storm)

2016 ToC winners 2
The Champion team receives their
custom embroidered SCNBA shirts!

Kenny Watanabe ToC fall ball winner
Congratulations Kenny Watanabe for winning the Storm ball that was raffled off at the Champion team’s winter league

18 possible teams are eligible. Each championship team from each of the Nikkei leagues will be invited to participate in a championship event at the end of the season, winner take all! It will be a four man event, so leagues that are trios or five member teams will have to adjust slightly, i.e., using members from their 2nd place teams. (SCNBA membership waived). We hope to see all leagues participate as it will be a fun competition to see who is really the best of the best in the Nikkei World!

The Champion team will determine where the location will be for following year. The winning team receives a custom embroidered SCNBA shirt as well a bowling ball donated to raffle to their home league in the fall – a nice way for the entire league to benefit from their league champions!