HELP THE BOWLERS OF JAPAN… Many people have asked how they can help with the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami victims during this incredibly difficult time as they begin to put their lives back together. The usual charities deduct administration and fund raising costs from your donation and send the rest to the location in need. We have a way to send 100% of each donation directly to an organization in Japan who will distribute ALL of the money to those people they know are in desperate need. Our contact person in the United States, who is with the Bowling Proprietors Association of Japan is Marge Miyoda. Marge will deposit all donations received in a special account and wire the funds directly to the Bowling Proprietors Association of Japan. The BPAJ will distribute the funds to BOWLING customers they KNOW who are in need. Any amount will help and you will receive a receipt from Marge for your donation. Please make your checks payable to: MARGE MIYODA. Thank you for your support in this tragic time of need.

Mail to:
Marge Miyoda
2002 E. Hillman Circle
Orange, C92867